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Hair Transplant | FUE Hair Transplant Cost | Plastic Surgery in Pakistan

Hair Transplant

For a decade ago, specific and master specialists of Cosmetique Clinic has been helping the patients to get back their certainty and a more energetic appearance. Our patients acquire top notch administrations from qualified staff at our all around prepared facility. We give long lasting and ensured answer for male pattern baldness issue. In only one visit, we include a huge number of normally developing hair and you can reestablish impeccable and alluring hairline. We are arranged under driving hair transplant specialist organizations of Pakistan because of our elevated requirement hair transplantation in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant Illustration, it is a surgical strategy for reestablishing hair. In this technique, specialist reestablishes normally developing hair into zone where hairs are diminishes or totally lost. Specialist expels the hair from a benefactor range back of head in ordinary cases and afterward transplants it into beneficiary site-bare territory or scalp with thin hair. Contingent upon the sparseness level, a strategy takes 3-7 hours. It is performed under neighborhood anesthesia; tolerant stays wakeful amid the procedure. He doesn’t feel any inconvenience on the grounds that our specialists are sufficiently experienced to play out this technique without creating any issue or agony to persistent. They will probably keep the patient agreeable all through this methodology.

Advantages of Hair Transplant for Hair Loss Patients

Get Hair, Get Confidence

Hair transplant is the best treatment for dynamic balding issue in both ladies and men. This hair rebuilding surgery brings a few advantages and these advantages are:

  • Young appearance
  • Rebuilding of hair line
  • Change in appearance
  • Lasting Solution
  • Get back regular looking hair
  • A lift in self-assurance and self-regard
  • Dispose of mental impacts of male pattern baldness
  • Sorts of Hair Transplant

Keeping in mind the end goal to reestablish normal searching hair for long haul, Cosmetique Clinic offers two sorts of hair transplantation to its patients. Here are these:

F.U.T Hair Transplant

It is an obtrusive surgical strategy for hair rebuilding. In this technique, a specialist expels a strip bearing hair tissues from the back or side of the head.

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  • F.U.E Hair Transplant

It is a propelled system of hair reclamation prepare in which singular hair follicles are expelled from the back and side of heads and after that these follicle units are changed into unions.

1. FUT Hair Transplant

FUE It is a conventional hair transplant in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Ordinarily, it is named as strip hair transplant. The general population who need to get back hair without spending a lot of cash or basically at a moderate cost can most likely go for FUT hair transplant. It is an obtrusive surgery handle that incorporates expulsion of hair strip, strip analyzations and unions transplantation.

2. FUE Hair Transplant

FUE It is a propelled method of hair transplant in Islamabad and Lahore. This technique is increasing more acclaim and name all over Pakistan since it lets the patient to reestablish characteristic hair appearance without scarring and agony. This strategy is more costly since it requires more exertion and time of specialist amid the session contrasted with FUT technique.

We Focus on Individual Customer Consultation

Our accomplished specialists trust that each patient is a one of a kind case. They essentially concentrate on individual care. Their top need is to treat each patient independently. They should arrange an interview session duvring which they totally look at the patient head and scalp. Before they make hair rebuilding arrangement, they definitely require finish thought of:

  • Number of unions required on beneficiary site
  • Number of hair accessible on giver site
  • Scalp skin laxity

They think about restorative history before they continue with the hair transplant Islamabad and Lahore. Here and there, patients have experienced through a hair surgery and they aren’t totally fulfilled from its outcomes. At the point when these patients contact with our qualified specialist, they get most elevated amount of expert care from them. Our specialists make a point to offer finish and enduring fulfillment to understanding by means of our trusted and ensured Hair Transplant in Pakistan.

How we Identify Good Candidate of Hair Transplant?

There are numerous hair transplant centers where specialist considers that each patient is a decent hopeful while it is wrong. At our Cosmetique Clinic Lahore, Islamabad Pakistan center, we utilize a reasonable approach. Our specialist first figure out if a man is a decent competitor or not and after that they recommend them a hair reclamation system. They never jump at the chance to get monetary profit from any patient. We have been utilizing genuine approach in our facility. We recommend you a Hair Transplant treatment just when you have required attributes of a decent applicant.

The best contender for Hair Transplant in Pakistan is:

  • Contender for Hair Transplant
  • A man who has been losing his hair because of male example sparseness for over five years
  • A man whose hairlessness level matches to the Norward Class 3 scale or above
  • A man who has reasonable desire
  • A man whose male pattern baldness issue keep on progressing despite the fact that he has been taking recommended meds
  • A man whose male pattern baldness design has been settled
  • A man who needs to get young appearance by including some hair into scalp
  • Man or lady who has lost hair because of head injury or blazes
  • Man or Woman who has hair diminishing or male pattern baldness issue after some restorative surgery methodology

How Our Expert Surgeon Perform Hair Transplant in Lahore/Islamabad?

We have an all around prepared surgery center in both Lahore and Islamabad. Regardless of where you go, you can get superb hair transplantation benefit. This methodology is performed under neighborhood anesthesia. Specialist offers analgesic to quiet to numb his head. In FUE Hair Transplant, he evacuates singular follicle units that are available in common gathering happening of 1-4 hairs. Each unit is dismembered and transformed into unions under clinical magnifying instrument by therapeutic staff. A Hair Transplant experts makes little entry points into beneficiary site and after that transplant unite into their place.

If there should be an occurrence of strip or FUT Hair Transplant, our specialist deliberately expels skin of scalp bearing hair tissues from the back of head. Medicinal staff analyzes the strips and makes a few unions from this strip. Entry points are made into the beneficiary site and after that unions are spots into their characterized puts one by one.

Recuperation Period is speedy and without pain

Patient will have the capacity to watch small hairline promptly after surgery. He will feel torment when anesthesia wears off. This agony can be controlled through torment executioner. Transplanted hair will begin shedding following one week of Hair Transplant in Lahore and Islamabad. This underlying shedding procedure is very ordinary. Hair goes in lethargic stage for 4-5 weeks and afterward you can see development of hair. These new hairs will never shed again. Amid recuperation, swelling and wounding are ordinary conditions that will be settled with the progression of time.

Reactions of Hair Transplant

You should remember that Hair Transplant is a restorative surgery that guarantees to offer you characteristic and durable hairline. A surgery dependably conveys some kind of dangers and symptoms, same is valid for hair transplant. Here are some related intricacies of this strategy:

  • Loss of Sensation (impermanent/perpetual)
  • Torment
  • Wounding
  • Inconvenience
  • Scarring (if there should be an occurrence of FUT hair transplant strategy)
  • Swelling
  • Contamination in uncommon cases



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