Scar Removal


At COSMETIQUE®, we assure you to get the best treatment under the sun for the reduction and removal of your unsightly scars as our expert dermatologist, Dr. Azim Jahangir, is the most well versed doctor in Pakistan in this field. He is the author of the opening chapter in the book Surgical Techniques for Cutaneous Scar Revision. This alone should give you both confidence and trust that you are in the safest possible hands. Scars can be a consequece of an accident, a surgery or a skin disease such as acne or chicken pox. Whatever the cause, many options are available to minimize them to a great extent in most cases. Many times they can be made almost invisible.

There are many surgical as well as non-surgical options to choose from when you decide to get rid of that ugly scar – that you always wanted to hide with makeup – but were never able to completely conceal. Our world renowned experts are here to help you choose the best possible scar removal treatment in your particular case. It could be a simple surgery using merely local anesthesia, a more interventional highly sophisticated surgery using flaps or grafts, or a totally non-surgical option like our state-of-the-art Mosaic®/ Fraxel® lasers or V-Beam® Laser by Candela®.



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